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Welcome to the PROMISE Academy Alliance. We’re championing diversity
in STEM education, fostering a more inclusive academic landscape.

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Introducing USM's RISE UPP PROMISE Academy Alliance: Empowering Diversity in STEM

Funded by the NSF Eddie Bernice Johnson INCLUDES project, the Alliances for Graduate Education, and the Professoriate, we are re-imagining STEM equity within the University System of Maryland through innovative postdoc pathways.

Our mission is to assist our seven partner institutions to recruit, develop, and transition minoritized postdoctoral scholars into tenure-track positions. Together, we are committed to cultivating more inclusive and equitable climates in departments, institutions, and the entire university system.

Join us as we shape the future of STEM education and research in Maryland, one scholar at a time.

The success of the PROMISE Academy Alliance is being replicated in additional University Systems through the NSF Eddie Bernice Johnson INCLUDES funded RISE UPP Initiative.

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Rise UPP

What is RiseUPP

The NSF Eddie Bernice Johnson INCLUDES project: Re-Imagining STEM Equity Utilizing Postdoc Pathways (RISE UPP) aims to diversify the professoriate create pathways for faculty conversion for postdocs from minoritized backgrounds.

The program leverages the success of two state university systems programs: 

in recruiting, training, and converting postdocs to tenure track faculty members within their institutions.

The RISE UPP Alliance will bring these two university systems together as Core Model Partners, which aim to provide support to 3 additional state university systems that will replicate and adapt their models as Scaling Partners:

Success Story

Our story validates the success of our Program

7 of 11 converted into tenure track faculty (5 within USM, 2 outside of USM), 3 more in the fellowship currently, 1 has transitioned to Industry
6 more fellows joining this year.

0 /11
Fellow's Converted
$ 1000000
Received in Grant Money
institutions already joined the alliance


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Funding Disclaimer

The RISE UPP PROMISE Academy is funded by the NSF’s Eddie Bernice Johnson INCLUDES Initiative: Re-Imagining STEM Equity Utilizing Postdoctoral Pathways (RISE UPP), Division of Equity and Excellence in STEM (EES), NSF Award # 2217329 and the following Alliances for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) NSF awards: #1820984 (UMBC), #1820974 (Towson), #1820971 (Salisbury), #1820983 (UM Baltimore – UMB), #1820975 (UM College Park). Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations presented on our social media platforms are only those of the presenter grantee/researcher, author, or agency employee; and do not necessarily reflect the views of the National Science Foundation. For official information about NSF, visit

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