Maryland's AGEP PROMISE Academy Alliance (APAA)

Maryland’s RISE UPP PROMISE Academy Alliance



An NSF-funded program to Develop, Implement, Self-Study, Evaluate and Disseminate a State System Model to Transform the Hiring Practices and Career Success of Tenure Track Historically Underrepresented Minority Faculty in Biomedical Sciences

Download our Recent Poster from the National Postdoc Association Conference HERE: APAA NPA Poster .

The AGEP PROMISE Academy Alliance (APAA) for the University System of Maryland was generated to develop, implement, self-study, evaluate, and disseminate a state-level AGEP Alliance model to increase the number of historically underrepresented minority tenure-track faculty in the biomedical sciences.  While much of our model development has focused on building structured communication and relationships across our alliance of five University System of Maryland campuses, at the heart of our model is a program to recruit and onboard postdoctoral scholars (APAA Fellows), support them through professional development and mentoring, and convert these scholars into tenure track positions within the University System. In an effort to address STEM faculty diversity within the state’s public institutions,  this project funded by the National Science Foundation’s AGEP program (see details in the funding disclaimer below).

Five University System of Maryland institutions participate in this project: University of Maryland, Baltimore County (UMBC), University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB), University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP), Salisbury University (SU) and Towson University (TU). These institutions range from R1 research universities, to regional comprehensives, to small, predominantly teaching institutions. As we recruit APAA Fellows to join us in two-year postdoctoral/pre-professoriate positions, they are encouraged to visit, guest lecture, and interact with the other campuses in this alliance so that we can help them consider a transition to tenure-track roles at one of these campuses or another in the University System of Maryland. Learn more about our Fellowship Program here.